June 20, 2024

How Africa Can Help Solve Cybersecurity Shortage

How Africa's Cybersecurity Talent Can Bridge the Western Skills Gap

“There’s such a huge talent pool there – and I often contrast that against the skill shortage in the developed world because the developed world is crying out for skills”




Techopedia With CCI Global’s Chief Technology Officer, Mervin Pretorious.

Mervyn Pretorius, CTO of CCI Global, highlights the potential of African tech graduates in addressing the global cybersecurity skills gap. He points out that African professionals possess advanced cybersecurity skills due to their exposure to unique regional security threats. Despite a high demand for cybersecurity talent in the developed world, Western companies often overlook Africa due to preconceived notions. Pretorius advocates for leveraging African expertise through outsourcing, remote work, and international collaborations. He emphasizes that integrating African IT professionals can enhance global cybersecurity strategies and foster economic development in Africa. Additionally, he suggests that Western companies should invest in understanding and adapting to the diverse African market to effectively harness its talent pool.

Pretorius also highlights the importance of recognizing African IT qualifications internationally, addressing connectivity issues in rural areas, and overcoming cultural and language barriers. By doing so, international companies can create more robust and innovative security solutions while contributing to solving chronic unemployment in Africa. He envisions a future where African talent plays a significant role in the global cybersecurity workforce, driven by local educational initiatives, tech hubs, and supportive government policies.


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