February 9, 2024

From Call- Centre Rep to Managing Director Before Turning 30

Don't be scared to ask for the job you want

”I went from Call Centre- Rep to managing director before I turned 30. Don’t be scared to ask for the job you want.”

I was a single teen mom when I got my first job in a call centre.

I worked my way up from sales recruiter to MD in my late twenties.



Lizelle’s growth is now measured in creating a sustainable model to provide opportunities to undeserved communities. 

Her ultimate aspiration is not in titles but to be a role model, demonstrating the power of resilience, hard work, and dedication.

Persisting through challenges, Lizelle climbed the corporate ladder, eventually becoming a recruitment manager. In 2013 she embraced the opportunity to set up CareerBox Africa, a nonprofit within CCI Group, where she now serves as managing director. Her mission is to empower young African women and men to access tech employment. With a commitment to diversity, she has transformed CCI’s team. making two-thirds of it female, and over half of the leadership team are female.

Tap on the link From Call-Centre Rep to Managing Director Before Turning 30 to learn more about how Lizelle overcame societal barriers, and advocates for internal training and promotions, breaking down stereotypes for in the male dominated-industry.



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