April 18, 2024

Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service : The Key Differentiator

By consistently delivering excellent service when customers seek assistance, you can cultivate loyalty.

”Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, as it is often referred to, is your most critical element (yet likely your most overlooked when delivering truly competitive customer service in your industry”

I cannot stress enough the importance of having EQ skills deeply ingrained at the forefront of your customer service teams. The importance of emotional intelligence in customer service cannot be overstated. This is crucial to not only capturing the market share you desire but also outshining other providers in your industry.

‘The ability to bring nuanced understanding of real-time customer sentiment translates in to a service that surpasses expectations, leaving lasting positive impact on the overall customer experience.’

Martin Roe, CCI Global CEO, discussed why Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is important in Customer Service. He elaborated on strategies to cultivate loyalty among customers, ways to differentiate your brand, and methods to enhance interactions to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Read the full article here :  https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/emotional-intelligence-in-customer-service-the-key-differentiator/


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